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L tells jokes that I don’t get. I must have a terrible sense of humor, because I just know that L is gifted…

L in the car today:
“I know a funny joke. It’s bilarious [sic]. There once was a yellow tree in my woods. And a house. Which was yellow. And some red leaves. Is it funny yet?”

Me: “Not yet.”

“OK, and there was a chicken on the road that was crossing the street. I don’t know why it was crossing. Nobody knows why. It’s funny because of the yellow tree, Mommy.”

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Esoteric Humor

L told me a joke tonight at bedtime. I’m not sure I get it:

Why didn’t the donkey eat his dinner?

Because he was busy grabbing it and smashing it into his face. Haha! No, his butt! Hahahahaha!

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