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As many of you know, my mother in law, Nana, is coming to visit. Specifically, she’s coming 2 weeks from today and staying 26 days. She comes from very, very, very far away. Basically as far away as you can get on the planet before you’re headed back.

She’s one of those people who is so industrious that she can’t sit down and relax for even a moment. She’ll have dinner made, plus a totally different dinner to freeze for another time, and a few desserts prepared all before I come downstairs in the morning. Which I do around 6:30. Her day will continue in this frenzy of productive activity until she goes to bed, which is sometime after I do.

Here’s my problem: I am not as productive as she is. Not close. I don’t accomplish in a month what she does in a day. Which I’m normally fine with but I feel bad about when she’s here. I kind of just like to sit on the floor and play with S for a while. Maybe watch a DVR’d episode of Grey’s Anatomy or something at the same time. And, you know, blog. But that’s hard to do without feeling useless and lazy while Nana is outside hauling yard debris into the woods.

Here’s my actual, immediate problem that I need help with: I have exactly two weeks to whip my house into shape and make it look like it’s always that way. That means that every surface needs to be decluttered. Every corner cleaned. I need a plan. Any organized moms out there want to help me with a plan of attack? I look around and feel overwhelmed by the enormity of our slovenliness. I’m so busy picking up the same toys and all the stuff S empties out of my cupboards all day every day to deal with the bigger picture on a regular basis, so it’s gotten a bit out of hand. Ideally my cleaning/organizing spree would even include stuff like weeding outside, which hasn’t really been done since Nana’s last visit (when she did it).

See, I know I’m lazy. I just don’t want to look it. Help?

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L wanted to earn some money (pennies), so I devised a chore list for him to do first thing in the morning, before I even see him. Can you tell what they are?

  1. Take off and throw away pull-up and put on underwear
  2. Make bed
  3. Put away toys and books

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