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Game For 1

Overheard conversation between T and L:

L: Daddy, let’s play Charades!

T: I can’t right now, L, why don’t you play by yourself?

L: OK!

L draws a card, looks at it secretly. He stands up and pretends to hold a straw and cup.

L: Sluuuuuuuuurrrrrp!

L: Drinking!

L: You’re right!

Delighted smile at getting it right slowly fades as he realizes that guessing at what he himself acted out isn’t such a good game after all. To our dismay, he does not take another turn.

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In a moment of misguided enthusiasm, I taught L the game “I spy” in the car the other day. He is hopelessly bad at it. This is from our game today. We were stopped at a red light:

me: Yay! The light is green! I spy with my little eye something green. (could I make it any easier?)

L: Is it a car?

me: No.

L: Is it a house?

me: No. Ask about what it’s like instead of just guessing.

L: OK. Is it a bunny?

me: No. Try asking questions about its size or shape.

L: OK. Is it the size of a car?

me: No.

L: Is it car-shaped?

me: No, L, it’s not a car.

L: (totally exasperated) I didn’t ask if it was a car! I asked if it was car-shaped. Ugh!

me: No, it’s not car-shaped.

L: Is it house-shaped?

me: (sigh) No.

L: Is it a bunny?

me: No, L, it’s not a green bunny!

L: Is it a car?

me: (big sigh) OK, why don’t you take a turn thinking of something.

L: OK. I see with my eye something green. It’s car-shaped.

me: Is it a bunny?

L: No, Silly Mommy! It’s a car! You’re not very good at this game. I wish Daddy was here. He’s better.

We played another round. This time he thought of a pretend animal that he had just invented which is red and furry, has big teeth and is bigger than a truck. Once again, I failed to guess it. I suppose he’s right and I’m just not good at that game.

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