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Commercial Misunderstanding

I told L that he’s not allowed to watch commercials on TV, (and therefore shows with commercials,) because commercials are made by grown-ups who are trying to trick children like him. He misunderstood me, I guess, because whenever a commercial does come on TV he yells out in a panic, “It’s ‘mercials and they’re choking me!”

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Forget what I told you about L getting smarter. Apparently, this is not something I need to worry too much about. Recent discoveries lead me to believe the poor child is seriously cognitively challenged. Or, since he’s the only 3-year-old I’ve ever had, maybe they’re all a little stupid? The source of my concern: he can’t follow a plot.

In the last couple of weeks he has watched the movie Toy Story at least 10 times. He can’t sit through a whole movie, so he watches 20 minutes here and there, but he’s seen it. A lot. (If he was in your house, you’d put him in front of the TV too, I swear!) He loves the movie, so I figured he was following the story, at least a little. But he’s not. He has no clue what is happening. I have no idea what he is gleaning from the movie, but what he doesn’t know includes: that toys come to life when no people are around; that there’s a mean kid next door; that the mean kid is mean to toys; and that there is a character named Woody. So, what exactly is he getting from the movie? Is he just transfixed by flashing lights? No wonder he has no attention span for TV!

So, you tell me. Is he stupid? Surely 3-year-olds elsewhere can “get” a movie like Toy Story?

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