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Nana, my mother-in-law, arrived Friday evening and I was uncharacteristically relaxed – my house was clean beyond reproach and my kids were asleep, therefore behaving. It’s a good start.

The kids were thrilled to see Nana in the morning. L was beside himself with excitement. S probably didn’t remember her, but was as happy to see her as she is to see everyone. I got to sleep in until 7:30 (some sleep-in!), T made coffee and everything in the house was peaceful.

T and I immediately took advantage of the situation and went out to run errands alone. (This was more exciting to us than it sounds, and possibly more exciting than it ought to be.) Later, while S napped and Nana and T did yard work*, I got to take L to the local town fair.

*Yard work = leveling a huge swath of our backyard for an 18 foot diameter above ground pool. This is hard work and I got to miss a few hours of it. Horay!

L and I often have “special time” together, and it usually sucks due to a combination of my too-high-expectations and his too-low-acceptable-behavior-bar. But this time was different. L was still in a great mood because of Nana’s arrival, and we were going to a fair. What would have probably been a combination to create an overstimulated nightmare a year ago, was a perfect combo for a one-in-a-million awesomely perfect, tantrum and strife free outing with L.

It rained the whole time we were there. We rode The Scrambler and had belly laughs like we never had before. Several rides later, we shared a caramel apple and L won a teddy bear who he creatively named Teddy. It was a sitcom/movie-montage type of outing. I never get outings like this. I got to relish all that is fun and awesome and wonderful about my little 4-year-old L.

A total win of a day all made possible by Nana’s visit. A win!


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