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Generally I feel confident in my abilities to do just about anything. I figure if someone else can do it, then I probably can too. This is the attitude I had at 9 or 10 when I decided the bar in my closet needed to be raised from little kid height to normal height. I got my dad’s tools and removed the brackets from the wall, repositioned them, re-screwed them in and replaced the bar. I did a fine job and the bar is still holding strong today, level and everything. It’s the attitude I had when I decided to try galloping and jumping a horse for the first time, when I traveled alone through Kenya, and when we moved to the middle of nowhere and I decided I could just take L everywhere by bike.

Lately though, I just want someone else to deal with it. Like yesterday when I was driving through the freezing rain with a very cranky, teething S and I got a flat tire. Sure I could have jacked the car up, struggled with the bolts, and put the spare on. As I imagined myself out in the freezing rain, I thought: “If I look sad and helpless enough, some guy will surely pull over to help me, right?” That’s right, I wanted to pull the helpless female card. Instead, I decided to go ahead and ruin the tire by driving it to my mechanic, so he could change it.

And it wasn’t long before I was a damsel in distress again. Just before 3AM this morning the cat started going nuts. She was chasing something, which I presumed was a mouse, all around the bedroom.

“T, do you want to get up and see what that is and take care of it?”


He rolled over and went back to sleep and I stayed in bed listening to the hunt. Sure, I could have gotten up and taken care of it, but mice make me scream and stand up on furniture – something I’m not proud of, but accept about myself.

This morning, after a sleepless night, I got my favorite cords down from the shelf and as I began putting them on, a squirrel fell out of them and ran under the bed. A squirrel was in my pants!! Naturally I screamed and jumped up on the bed. L came in at the sound of my scream, and when I screamed again as the squirrel darted across the room he began to freak out. We huddled together on the bed while I (unsuccessfully) explained that the squirrel is more scared of him, that it won’t hurt him etc. My periodic shrieking did not support my claim.

Finally T came out of the shower to find me screaming and L crying on the bed. He informed me that the bed is not a safe haven. Apparently the whole ordeal started when he felt an animal (non-cat) on the bed in the middle of the night and kicked it off. That’s right, folks. The squirrel was on our bed and T just went back to sleep. I scooped up L and ran from the room shutting T, the cat, and the squirrel in there together.

T eventually caught the squirrel and released it, and later I’ll have him put poison or traps in the attic. I know that if he had not been home, the squirrel and cat would still be locked together in the bedroom and I’d stay out of the house until he came home tonight to deal with it.

I know that I’m not presenting best example of female strength and ability for my kids. I try to be the mom who can do it all: I unclog toilets, rewire stuff, put together new toys, mow the lawn, cook fabulous meals with a baby on my hip and bravely receive flu shots. But a squirrel in my pants? Changing a tire with snow on the ground and sleet coming down? No, thanks. I’ll outsource those. After all, the ability to delegate needs to be modeled too, right?

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