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When L was a baby I made up a lullaby that I sang to him every time I put him down to sleep. Somewhere around 2.5 he decided he was too grown up for it. But then when he heard me singing it to S, with her name in the place of his, he wanted it back. So now each night I have a few moments when L and I are at peace, and he’s my baby again, and I get to sing him my lullaby. I’m happy it’s back.

Before you think I’m some kind of creative person, here’s the song itself –

To the tune of Auld Lang Syne (don’t ask me why):

It’s time for L to go to sleep, and sleep, and sleep and sleep. It’s time for L to go to sleep, and sleep and sleep and sleep.

It’s a song of optimism. For what it’s worth, my kids are great sleepers, slept through the night pretty early on. I think they took the song to heart. Feel free to use it.

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