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I’ve been so good. I’ve really kept my cool despite extraordinary circumstances. I’ve held it together. Apparently this really annoyed L. He needed to try harder and harder and harder to get me to blow. Of course he eventually succeeded, like he always does. That little turd.

I did not lose my temper when he purposely head-butted S leaving a big bump on her forehead.

I did not lose my temper when he whacked S with a serving spoon.

Or when he tripped her.

I did not lose my temper when he stuck his tongue out at Nana.

Or when he told her that she’s not his friend.

All of these incidences were met with cool, measured consequences. No yelling.

What did it? When he told me he was going to punch me in my face.

That’s when I grabbed him by his shirt, ripping it, and dragged him to his room yelling that I had enough. I threw a pull up through the door and told him to put himself to bed and that I was sick of his obnoxious behavior and that he just cannot talk that way to me.

I was told today that respect has to be earned, not demanded. But honestly, what do I do that doesn’t earn it? I provide him food and drink, entertainment, enrichment, and a million other niceties every day, and, lately, even a very calm demeanor! I think that I deserve not to be told that he wants to punch me in the face. Reasonable, right?

Oh, and by the way, it’s totally fucking awesome that Nana is here to witness all of this. That right now she’s in the next room while L is wailing upstairs, “you broke my shirt!”


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