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We got nearly 2 feet of snow between the 29th and 30th of this month, which is October in case you’ve become disoriented. It’s funny that I never dreamed of a white Halloween. Never really thought about it before. And to be honest, it’s beautiful.

In the beginning...

The snow is of the heavy, wet variety and it’s piled on the trees and every surface in thick, white pillows. The problem is that it’s October and the trees weren’t quite ready for those pillows. With their leaves still on, the poor trees are bending, bowing and breaking under the weight of the snow.

Broken trees = broken power lines = no power anywhere near me = no heat, no running water, no coffee.

This is still early on. Around 4PM on Saturday.

We did try to make the most of the situation though and had a great time playing in the snow as it fell.

Superman-Jack-O-Lantern-Snowman, naturally

Then night fell on us and with it a few trees, several branches and any hopes I had of sleeping. I made several middle of the night rounds with my flashlight in my freezing house checking on the trees outside. At 2AM I got T out of bed to help me shake off a tree that was resting on our back deck. A few good shakes and it sprang back up, only to lean against L’s window.

Morning came, and with it two extremely excited kids and a few extremely tired adults. Did I mention the no coffee thing? Also, there might have been some hot buttered rum the day before and a fair amount of red wine. (Hey, we had to keep warm!) We had our work cut out for us.

My nerves were fried and I was too frazzled, tired, and busy to take the pictures I should have. Like the picture of the huge old tree that fell down at some point in stealthy silence, about 6 feet from our house. Had the tree’s trajectory been a degree or two different, L’s room would have been crushed. I did take a couple on my phone though.

Back deck, sheltered from snowfall, in the morning

Pumpkin-Head Snowman after we unburied him in the morning

Holy Sh!t

I did learn some things though. Like just about anything, the crappy stuff related to an October snowstorm can be broken down to a top 5 list. So, here I give you:

The Top 5 Craptastic Things Caused by an October Snowstorm:

5. One is not prepared and has not yet removed the snow blower from its storage space under the back deck. It took lots and lots and lots of shoveling to get to that thing.

4. One is not prepared and has to dig out winter clothes from their storage place in the dark basement, by flashlight, helped by super-excited-to-play-in-the-snow-and-bonkers-wildly-excited-to-be-in-the-cold-dark-basement-with-flashlights kids.

3. No electricity means it’s dark. Very dark. Darkness and flashlights at bedtime with small children causes exceptional hyperness, excitement and fear.

2. No heat. It’s cold. Turns out our fireplace is purely decorative and supplies no heat to the house whatsoever. Last I checked on Sunday afternoon it was 55 and dropping inside.

1. The worst thing about it by far was the lack of running water. We have our own well, so no power = no water = no flushing, no washing. That expansive dinner we made on Saturday before the power went out? Hello piles of dirty dishes, bowls, pots and pans that can’t be washed. Those giant poops that my kids make? Still in the toilets waiting for a flush. YUCK!

By late afternoon on Sunday we had enough. We packed ourselves up and escaped to my parents’ house a couple of hours away. Our power is due to be restored at 11:45PM on Thursday, November 3rd. Until then we’ll stay here where it’s warm. On Friday, I will have to face a house full of old dirty dishes, a fridge full of rotten food, and those toilets.

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Halloween is my favorite holiday. There’s no overwhelming pile of gifts to tear through and under-appreciate, no big feast taking far too long to get ready. Just kids genuinely excited to dress up and get candy.

L asked to be Batman months and months ago. After some time shopping around, I decided to just buy him a pair of Batman PJs instead of wasting $ on a one-time costume. (I’m wicked smart.) He got to wear his “costume” early for a Halloween themed birthday party for Nieces 1&2 who turned 6 a couple of weeks ago.

Pretty cute, right? It only got cuter once L spent some time with the face painter at the party. Can you guess what he got painted on his little cheek? Probably not.  Unless you guessed the unlikely Little Mermaid, complete with green sparkley tail and clam-shell bra. You’ve never seen such a cute Batman in your life. It was at this point that he decided that he no longer wanted to be Batman for Halloween. He wanted to be Ariel.

He begged. I explained that he asked for Batman, has a Batman costume and that I’m not buying another costume. He cleverly responded that back when he asked to be Batman it was actually opposite day, and everyone knows the opposite of Batman is the Little Mermaid, so, therefore, he really asked to be the Little Mermaid in the first place. (Law school might be in his future.) Ultimately he was happy to be Batman, but made me promise that he can be the “mermaid princess” next year.

S, at 14 months, fit perfectly into the costume L wore for his first Halloween, at 7 months. (L was a ginormous baby. Have I told you he weighed 10 lbs 3 oz when he was born?) She was a dalmatian and impossibly cute.

And, as if Halloween needs more to make it awesome, L is still basically a baby, and stealing candy from a baby is a cinch. Yum!


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