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As I write this it’s 6:38AM. I’ve been awake for hours. Technically, if you’re never really asleep, then I don’t think you can measure how long you’ve been awake. Perhaps it’s more accurate to measure how long it’s been since I resigned myself to wakefulness. HOURS. Coffee isn’t ready yet. I’m in my PJs. I’m grumpy. People beware. Problem is, I have to be nice. I have to present my nice family. Nana arrived late last night for her 3 week visit. She hasn’t seen the kids yet. She was last here when I was 6 months pregnant. Everyone needs to get reacquainted, or acquainted for the first time.

We spent the night at my parents’ apartment after Nana’s arrival. My parents have an all-purpose children’s bedroom consisting of a crib, a Pack n’ Play, and two twin beds. (They have 5 grandchildren, so they are ever-prepared for overnight guests of small stature.) After over 24 hours of travel, it was only fair for Nana to get the guest room; so I bunked with the kids. S in the crib, L and me in the twin beds. I can tell you unequivocally that L and S are the world’s worst roommates. All night they take turns squeaking, snarfling, grunting, crying, farting, whining, coughing, sneezing and on one occasion screaming out “I can’t see anything!”There was also one episode where L was singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” while banging his head against his pillow.

By 5 this morning, both were in my twin bed with me. For some reason, even though L is normally hot, his feet are always like ice. S is no longer the snugly baby she once was. She’s now a wriggley thing who pinches and grabs at faces and pulls hair. These do not make good bed-mates.

So, here I am. Tired. Irritated. Knowing that my sleepless night is not going to be made up for in extra sleep anytime soon. And I have to go into the other room and play nice. I have to act as translator as I’m the only one bilingual in L’s toddler-speak and Nana’s accent. I have to balance S’s stranger anxiety with Nana’s feelings and excitement to meet her first granddaughter. Well, wish me luck. Coffee is ready.

Oh, and to top it off, it snowed last night. I know that has nothing to do with motherhood, but nevertheless, it deserves a hearty WTF?


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